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Topic Sessions are dedicated to exploring specific areas of theological content and function as convention rubrics within which the CTSA membership may offer paper proposals.  Paper proposals submitted in each area are evaluated by an administrative team, which determines the convention program for each Topic Session.  Topic Sessions are relatively permanent parts of the CTSA convention structure.  Periodically, the Board conducts a review to determine if the current listing of Topic Sessions best serves the interests of the membership.

 Anthropology - Call for Papers
*Heather DuBois
Elizabeth Pyne
 Bioethics/Healthcare - Call for Papers
*Michael McCarthy
Nichole Flores
Stephanie Edwards
 Catholic Social Thought - Call for Papers 
*Patrick Flanagan
Jens Mueller
 Catholicity and Mission - Call for Papers 
*Sophia Park
Laurie Johnston
Antonio Sison
 Christ - Call for Papers
*Elizabeth O'Donnell Gandolfo
John Thiede, S.J.
Mary Kate Holman
 Church/Ecumenism - Call For Papers
*Jakob K. Rinderknecht
Natalia Imperatori-Lee
Kathryn L. Reinhard
 Comparative Theology  - Call for Papers
*Peter Feldmeier
Reid Locklin
Stephanie Wong
 Creation/Eschatology  - Call for Papers
*Daniel Minch
Daniel Horan
Elizabeth Groppe
 Fundamental Theology/Method - Call for Papers  
*Jeremy Wilkins
Mary Beth Yount
Ryan Dunns, S.J.
 God and Trinity - Call for Papers 
*Darren Dias, O.P.
Gloria Schaab, S.S.J.
Susie Paulik Babka
 Historical Theology - Call for Papers 
*Kenneth Parker
Elizabeth Huddleston
Rita George-Tvrtkovic
 Liturgy/Sacraments - Call for Papers
*Sebastian Madathummuriyil
Kimberly Belcher
Xavier M. Montecel
 Moral Theology - Call for Papers
*Daniel Cosacchi
Rachel Bundang
 Practical Theology - Call for Papers 
*Elsie Miranda
Karen Enriquez
Milton Javier Bravo
 Spirituality - Call for Papers
*Julia Feder
Mary Frohlich
Axel Marc Oaks Takacs
 Theology and Science - Call for Papers
*Amanda Alexander
Mark Fusco, S.J.
Chelsea King

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