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Topic Sessions are dedicated to exploring specific areas of theological content and function as convention rubrics within which the CTSA membership may offer paper proposals.  Paper proposals submitted in each area are evaluated by an administrative team, which determines the convention program for each Topic Session.  Topic Sessions are relatively permanent parts of the CTSA convention structure.  Periodically, the Board conducts a review to determine if the current listing of Topic Sessions best serves the interests of the membership.

*Eric Daryl Meyer
Tiffany Lee Hartnell-Howden
Adam Beyt
*Stephanie Edwards
Daniel Daly
Kate Jackson-Meyer
 Catholic Social Thought  
*William George
Kate Jackson-Meyer
Kevin Ahern
 Catholicity and Mission
*Antonio Sison
Cristina Lledo Gomez
Kevin P. Considine
*Mary Kate Holman
Eugene Schlesinger
Robert Lassalle-Klein
*Kathryn L. Reinhard
Elyse Raby

 Comparative Theology 
*Stephanie Wong
Julius-Kei Kato
Laurel Potter
*Elizabeth Groppe
Daniel P. Scheid
Paul Schutz
 Fundamental Theology/Method 
*Ryan Dunns, S.J.
Nick Olkovich
T. Derrick Witherington
 God and Trinity 
*Susie Paulik Babka
Darren Dias, O.P.
 Historical Theology 
*Rita George-Tvrtković
Joshua R. Brown
Trent Pomplun
*Xavier M. Montecel
Benjamin Durheim
LaRyssa Herrington
 Moral Theology
*Kate Ward
David Kwon
Marcus Mescher
 Practical Theology 
*Ish Ruiz
Susan Bigelow Reynolds
Cynthia Cameron
*Axel Marc Oaks Takacs
C. Vanessa White
Michael Rubbelke
 Theology and Science 
*Kevin Vaughan
Megan Loumagne Ulishney
Benjamin Hohman

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