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Selected Sessions are “one time” program units offered at a particular convention. Selected Session allow CTSA members to propose ad hoc sessions for the annual convention. The CTSA members are invited to make proposals for one of the six to nine slots available any given year. These proposals are evaluated by the Program Committee of the Board, chaired by the President-elect.

2024 Call for Selection Session Proposals 

Convention ThemeSocial Salvation

These sessions may focus on topics of proposers’ choosing. Ideally, in 2024, many will focus on topics related to the convention theme, Social Salvation, linked here. The statement of the convention theme suggests possible ways of thinking about related dimensions in terms of the many disciplines already flourishing within Catholic theology and at the CTSA. But any and all proposals are welcome, even if not directly related to the convention theme.

Submission Guidelines (Board Rev. 6.6.19)

  • Proposal should be not more than 250 words.
  • Also include a 100-words précis that will be posted on the CTSA website if the proposal is accepted. If the proposal includes multiple presenters, each presenter must include a 100-word précis for their paper.
Note:  The precis is a shorter, 100-word version of the session that the CTSA will include in the full online version of the convention program if the proposal is accepted.  If the proposal includes a panel with multiple presenters, then the body of the proposal should describe the panel overall (250 words), and each presenter should include a 100-word precis of their particular paper.
  • There may be no more than three speakers (presenters or respondents) in a given session.
  • Include full name and contact information of all participants, including e-mail.
  • Indicate whether your presenters will be requiring A/V equipment.
  • Proposals for selected sessions must also have a convener and moderator identified. The convener serves as the contact person for communications with the President-Elect in planning the convention and is responsible for submitting a report to the Proceedings editor after the convention. The moderator facilitates the session and Q&A at the convention.
  • The convener and the moderator should be two different persons and must be CTSA members in good standing or have a membership application on file.
  • The session convener may also serve as a presenter, but a non-presenter is expected to serve as the moderator.
  • Selected session proposals are expected to include a convener and moderator who do not already have other roles (speaking or non-speaking) at the convention. By the time selected session proposals are due, all other sessions (Topic Sessions, Consultations, and Interest Groups) will have specified papers for the convention. By avoiding having members serve in multiple roles, scheduling conflicts can be prevented or reduced when arranging the convention program. It also allows more members to participate in the convention with their name on the program, which may help them secure funding from their home institution. 
  • At the annual convention, members may only have one speaking role as presenters, panelists, or respondents. This rule does not apply to members of under-represented groups, though it does apply to participation in the Women’s Consultation on Constructive Theology.
  • No member may have a speaking role more than twice in any three-year period.
  • No one currently serving a two-year term on the board or in the presidential line should participate in a selected session.
  • CTSA guidelines require that those making proposals ordinarily be active or associate members in good standing with their dues paid up-to-date. Anyone with an associate or active membership application on file can also submit a proposal if they expect to be accepted for membership in the upcoming June convention.
  • Under special circumstances and when warranted, e.g., no current Society member fulfills or can meet the role required to meet the goals, a non-member may be invited to participate in a particular session with the approval of the president-elect.  Conveners must submit a Membership Waiver Form by September 1 to the President-elect.  The President-elect will consult with the presidential line as warranted.  If approved, it is strongly recommended the non-member register for the convention (daily rate is available) to enable the non-member to engage with members throughout the day.  If this is not possible and the non-member will not be attending any other sessions, plenaries, or food and beverage events at the convention, his or her registration fees for the convention may be waived by the president-elect.

  • Deadline: October 3rd. Please submit proposals to the President-Elect via this email address: Please indicate that the proposal is for a Selected Session. You will be notified by e-mail whether your proposal has been accepted by November 1st.

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