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Remembering Joseph Mueller, S.J. - d. 1/12/23

01/19/2023 9:52 AM | Anonymous

Fr Joseph Mueller, SJ has passed away peacefully at the Sacred Heart
Jesuit Center after a brief struggle with illness at the age of 63. He
is survived by his father, sisters, brothers, and many nephews and

For more than 20 years, he taught theology at Marquette University and
served as associate dean for academic affairs and later the rector of
its Jesuit Community.

In 2020, he was named the dean of the Jesuit School of Theology of
Santa Clara University in Berkeley, California. At Santa Clara, Father
Mueller recruited noteworthy theologians whose scholarship will have a
profound impact on the future of the Church and obtained significant
grants to enhance Latinx theology and ministry.

A Detroit native who entered the Society of Jesus in 1982 and was
ordained to the priesthood in 1993, Father Mueller received his
bachelor’s degree from Marquette in 1981 and earned his doctorate in
sacred theology from Centre Sèvres, Paris, in 2005.

A Mass of Christian Burial will be held on Friday, Feb. 3, at 10 a.m.
at Gesu Parish in Detroit, Michigan.

More information about Fr Mueller can be found in this announcement
from Santa Clara University's president

and the GTU's president:

Announcement written by
CTSA member Anh Tran, Jesuit School of Theology, Santa Clara University


  • 01/19/2023 10:25 AM | Dr. Kristin Colberg
    Joe Mueller was a great friend of mine. I got to know him when I worked at Marquette back in 2000. He was a brilliant and accomplished scholar, but also a person of tremendous humility. Many of us will remember the extraordinary paper he gave in the theological diversity section of the CTSA in 2018. Most of all, Joe was a wonderful person with deep faith and many gifts who worked hard to serve others. He also had a great sense of humor and was a wonderful friend. He will be sorely missed.
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  • 01/19/2023 10:35 AM | James F. Keating
    Father Joe was one of those folks, who whenever you realized that he was also at whatever meeting you were at, brought a moment of great joy. He possessed a warmth and calmness that never failed to work on me. It obviously came from a deep faith that assured him that everything would be alright, even if it didn't seem so. He was a great comfort to his friend, Ralph Del Colle during his time of trial, and I am certain that their great souls were united in Christ during the dark days,
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  • 01/20/2023 11:55 AM | Grant Kaplan
    I didn't know him well, but always treasured my time in his presence. I read his article in TS on tradition and forgetting (2008?) and it's been really helpful to me. He had that way of radiating calm and goodness that made me think he really believed in Jesus and God's goodness. What a terrible loss for the Jesuits, for JST, and for us.
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  • 01/20/2023 1:03 PM | Thomas J Massaro SJ
    The way-too-soon death of Joe Mueller, SJ, is a terrible loss for the Church and the world, and especially for the community of us Jesuits. I had the good fortune to study with Joe in our theological formation (at Weston Jesuit School of Theology in Cambridge, MA) and to be ordained deacon with him in 1992, and I followed his career and contributions from afar in the decades since. We both served Jesuit School of Theology in Berkeley as its dean, though a few years apart so we did not often cross paths. But a finer man of learning and prayer we will not find, and we mourn his loss with heavy hearts.
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  • 01/23/2023 7:15 PM | Christine Firer Hinze (Administrator)
    I echo my colleagues' comments about the wonderful qualities and sad loss of Joe Mueller, SJ, a fellow Detroit native whom I had the privilege of getting to know while we were colleagues at Marquette University. Beyond the academic, we were members together in a small "CLC" or Ignatian Christian Life Community for a number of years. In that context, especially we got to know each other personally, and as fellow Christians. What a gift! Thank you, Joe for all you've done and are. Rest in God's Peace.
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