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Sr. Loretta Devoy, O.P. - d. 6/18/22

06/19/2022 11:51 AM | Anonymous

The CTSA mourns the loss of Sister Loretta Devoy, O.P., who died yesterday morning. 

May Sr. Loretta rest in peace.

Member Patrick Flanagan reflects,

How grateful our students, department, and university were to have had her as a professor.  Frank Connolly-Weinert once remarked, "Loretta always proved well-informed, a courteous, conscientious, and diligent colleague, whose advice was always sound, attentive to detail, gracious, and unfailingly professional." 

I knew Loretta for my first ten years and was stunned when she announced she was retiring in 2013.  She was a committed teacher and wonderful colleague in the department and our larger academy.   Later when I met her at the Dominican Sisters Motherhouse in Amityville where she lived, I asked her why she left.  Always a woman of deep faith and profound self-awareness, she said “I knew it was time” and then when onto encourage me “may you know when God is moving you on and may you be attentive to the divine plan."


  • 06/23/2022 9:23 AM | Judith A Merkle
    With great sadness I learn of Loretta’s death. As a colleague and friend at the CTS her faith, concern for good teaching of undergraduates, and love of religious life remain as a core memory. May she enjoy now a full share in the goodness she so faithfully shared during her life.
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  • 06/23/2022 10:49 AM | William J Collinge
    Loretta was President of the College Theology Society when we celebrated our fiftieth anniversary in 2004. I second everything that Patrick and Judy have said. Loretta was a balanced, careful theologian, a conscientious colleague, and a good friend. May she now be enjoying the "community of life and love" with God, the angels, and the saints, of which the Catechism speaks.
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  • 06/23/2022 11:44 AM | Sr. MaryKristel Nwuba
    May the Lord grant you eternal rest in His kingdom. Rest in peace Loretta
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  • 06/23/2022 12:24 PM | Donna M Teevan
    I got to know Loretta through the College Theology Society, especially when serving on the Board many years ago. I cannot think of better description of her than the one shared by Frank Connolly-Weinert: “well-informed, a courteous, conscientious, and diligent colleague, whose advice was always sound, attentive to detail, gracious, and unfailingly professional.” I appreciate the grace she brought to her leadership of CTS and the warmth she extended to new colleagues in the Society.
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  • 06/23/2022 5:52 PM | Dr Mary Ann Hinsdale, IHM
    I, too, remember Loretta with fondness. Her understated gift of leadership and good humor will remain with me, as will the advice she gave to her colleague, Patrick Flanagan. A wise woman!
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