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Fordham Plenary Panel "Taking Responsibility Conference"

04/26/2022 8:38 AM | Anonymous

Fordham Taking Responsibility Conference (April 21, 2022)

This is the recording of the public plenary for a conference gathering the Taking Responsibility researchers at Fordham University. It was filmed on April 21, 2022. Speakers (in order) are Karen Terry, Gerard McGlone, SJ, Paul Elie, Donna Freitas, and Make Black Elk; the panel was moderated by Christine Firer Hinze.

Recording available at:


  • 04/28/2022 10:34 AM | Christine Firer Hinze (Administrator)
    This event and the conference that followed (bringing together researchers from Jesuit colleges and universities across the country to share their diverse projects-in-progress concerning of the realities, causes, responses to, and legacy of clergy sexual abuse) was powerful and challenging; it also underscored the importance of this research and the ongoing need for it. I am extremely appreciative to CTSA Past Presidents Paul Lakeland and María Pilar Aquino for their leadership in our Society in this regard, and to the CTSA Board creating and supporting the 4-year special Consultation on Sexual Abuse in the Catholic Church, whose first session will take place at our upcoming convention, facilitated by admin team Cristina Traina, Julia Feder, Stan Chu Ilo, Daniel Horan, and Megan McCabe.
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