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Urge Your Institution to Sign a Catholic Letter Supporting the Inflation Reduction Act, aka Climate Bill

08/08/2022 3:47 PM | Erin Lothes Biviano

Dear CTSA members and friends,

As you know there is a critically important climate bill going through Congress right now. It has passed the Senate and is now in the House.

I ask you to consider if your institution can sign this open letter to Congress as a Catholic institution in support of essential climate action.  The USCCB is in support.  Please contact your President and Mission VPs.

There really is no other political hope on the horizon.  Increasing the number of signatories to this letter is highly significant. 

Thank you,

Erin Lothes

Linked here are the open letter developed by the Catholic Climate Covenant and sign on form .

 At the same time, you might ask for a meeting in the fall to discuss divestment, which is a significant action with implications for our students' future and our institutions' mission integrity.

Update from the Covenant:

Though you're likely well aware, it's worth repeating that this national legislation contains the most significant climate provisions in a generation, when the window of opportunity to prevent climate catastrophe is closing, and which if passed, will significantly reduce national carbon emissions, and revive U.S. leadership and potentially international commitments to the needed GHG reductions for the sake of the viability of our shared future.

The Official Catholic Directory has emailed over 4800 Catholic leaders, asking them to sign their institutions onto the open letter to Congress. (The open letter and sign on form are on the advocacy page of the Godsplanet website, which is the US platform for the Vatican based Laudato Si Action Platform.)  

Also noteworthy in this effort to have Congress pass climate solutions commensurate with the reality, is the strong parallel support from the USCCB.   The USCCB has revived their earlier action alert calling for $555b in climate change investments on their website again.

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