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Synod Synthesis for the Archdiocese of Seattle

06/30/2022 10:13 PM | Jaisy Joseph

Hello Colleagues, 

I wanted to share a link to the Synod Synthesis from the Archdiocese of Seattle, which serves as a summary of nearly 1,000 listening sessions that we conducted in western Washington. It provides an honest portrait of 11,000 Catholics in the area and spurs the diocese to greater outreach and response to the various issues that are named. This synthesis has also been sent to the USCCB.

In a homily that ended this diocesan phase of Pope Francis' global synod on synodality, Archbishop Paul Etienne expressed how this document calls us to walk together on a path marked by pain and love, much like the way of the cross and of the eucharist. I would love to know of any thoughts or feedback you may have on the document, which I can relay to the Seattle Archdiocesan pastoral council. 

Thank you, 


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