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Graduate Colloquium for PhD students: "Eucharistic Metaphysics" with Gyula Klima

01/20/2022 11:21 AM | Reginald Lynch, OP

July 17 - July 23, 2022

A graduate colloquium on Eucharistic Metaphysics with Prof. Gyula Klima. The Thomistic Institute’s graduate colloquia are intended to give a selection of emerging scholars from different PhD programs an opportunity to meet and work with other younger scholars that share their interests, and to benefit from the wisdom and formation of a senior scholar.

This colloquium will study the development of speculative accounts of the doctrine of the Eucharist, focusing on the medieval and early modern periods.  The mystery of this doctrine—in which the substance of bread and wine is believed to become the body and blood of Christ—has provoked reflection from a variety of theoretical perspectives for many centuries.  In addition to the questions it raises for systematic and historical theology, the doctrine of the Eucharist has also consistently given rise to metaphysical difficulties that have divided theological and philosophical schools of thought within the Western tradition.  This colloquium will study the development of this question and the significant theological and metaphysical questions it raises.  

About the Speaker:

A professor of philosophy at Fordham University, Gyula Klima has written on a wide variety of topics in medieval philosophy including logic, metaphysics, and philosophy of religion. Completing his doctorate in Budapest in 1986, Professor Klima has held research and teaching positions in Europe (Budapest, Helsinki, St. Andrews and Copenhagen) and in the United States (Yale, Notre Dame, UCLA, Fordham). Since 1999 he has taught at Fordham University, where he was made a full professor in 2003. In 2009, he was made a Doctor of the Hungarian Academy, and since 2019, he has served as the director of the Research Center for the History of Ideas of the Hungarian Institute of Research. As the founding director of the Society of Medieval Logic and Metaphysics, Professor Klima continues to serve as editor of the Society’s proceedings. Recently, Professor Klima worked to establish the Society for the European History of Ideas and now serves as its founding director. He also serves as an editor for the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy in the medieval philosophy subject area, and edits the series “Medieval Philosophy: Texts and Studies” for Fordham University Press and the series “Historical-Analytical studies on Nature, Mind and Action” for Springer. In addition to over one hundred scholarly articles, Professor Klima has produced over twenty edited volumes and scholarly monographs on a wide variety of topics in medieval philosophy.  

This colloquium is open to current PhD students in philosophy, theology, and related fields. Attached to your application, please include a 500-word personal statement describing your current research and your reasons for applying to this colloquium.

Successful applicants will receive a full tuition scholarship and room and board for the duration of the conference. A limited number of travel scholarships are also available for select students who do not have access to institutional funding for travel.

Applications Close on March 31.

For more information and to apply:

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