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The CTSA is grateful to the following donors for their gift to the Society.  Their generosity supports the work of the society, including the encouragement of younger scholars, the funding of special projects, continual improvement in the services to members, and interface with other theological societies.  it is a statement of their commitment to the important of the theological project.

The CTSA is a nonprofit organization as defined by Section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code.  Gifts made to the CTSA may be tax-deductible.  

The following lists represent donations made in 2021 and 2022.

Member Donors

2022 Donations

Susan Abraham

Cara Anthony

Maria-Pilar Aquino

Jennie Weiss Block, OP

John Borelli

Dolores L. Christie

John Crossin

Rev. Jon W. DeJong, S.J.

Francis Fiorenza

Christine Firer Hinze

Paul Fitzgerald

William George

Michael T. Grey, CSSp

John Haught

Nicholas Hayes

Mary E. Hines

Marinus Iwuchukwu

Marti R. Jewell

Stephen T. Krupa

Susan T. Mahan

Jerome McKenna

Fr. Eamon McManus

Catherine Michaud

Niamh Middleton

LaReine-Marie Mosely

Mary Kaye Nealen, S.P.

Jon Nilson

Donald Reed

Susan Ross

Mary Ellen Sheehan

Lisa Sowle Cahill

Kenneth Weare

Institutional Donors

 Donations received in support
of the CTSA's 76th Annual Convention

Fordham University

Georgetown University

Harvard School of Divinity, Harvard University

Loyola Marymount University

Non-member Donations received in support
of the CTSA in 2022

Regis College, University of Toronto

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