Catholic Theological
Society of America

Ad hoc Board Committee on Virtual Events

Meghan Clark, Chair

Craig Ford

Elyse Raby

Ad hoc Committee on Fossil Fuels

Erin Lothes, Chair

Daniel DiLeo

Nancy Rourke

Matthew Shadle

Archivist Liaison

Hosffman Ospino, ex officio CTSA Secretary

Admissions Committee

Darren J. Dias (2019 - 2022) 

Rachel Bundang (2019 - 2022) 

Steven Battin (2021 - 2024)

Jennifer Owens-Jofre (2021 - 2024)

Hosffman Ospino, ex officio

*Chair is one of the members going off the committee, usually whoever can attend the business meeting

  Committee on Underrepresented
  Ethnic and Racial Groups (ad hoc)

Melissa Pagán  (2019-2022), Chair

Joseph Flipper (2020-2023)

Stephanie Wong (2021-2024)

Board Member Liaisons to CUERG

Kristin Heyer

Hosffman Ospino

CUERG Webpage

Coordinator for Relations between
U.S. Bishops and Theologians

Thomas P. Rausch, S.J.

Coordinator for Relations between
Canadian Bishops and Theologians

Darren J. Dias (2015-   )

2021 - 2022 Committees

Finance Committee (Committee of the Board)

Patrick Flanagan, C.M., Chair

Timothy Matovina

Christina Astorga

International Network of Societies 
for Catholic Theology (INSeCT)

Ramón Luzárraga (2019-2020) & (2020-2023)

Gerard Mannion (2017-2019)
Nancy Pineda Madrid (2013-2017)

INSeCT Representative Position Description

LaCugna Award Committee

Neomi De Anda, Chair (2018-2022)

Christopher Pramuk (2019 - 2023)

Judith Gruber (2021 - 2024)

Liturgical Aide

Antonio Alonso (2019 - 2022)
Layla Karst (2023 - 2025)

Liturgical Liaison
Liturgical Procedures & Guidelines

  Nominations Committee

Susan Abraham (2018-2022)

Susan K. Wood, Chair (2019 - 2023)

Bradford Hinze (2021 - 2024)

Nominations Committee Guidelines (pdf)
Nominations Committee's Candidate Form (form link)


          William P. Loewe (2018-2021)


Paul J. Schutz (2018 - Present)

Resolutions Committee

Kristin Heyer, ex officio Chair

Marcus Mescher (2019 - 2022) 

TBD (2021 - 2023)

Scholarship Committee (Committee of the Board)

Patrick Flanagan, Chair

Meghan Clark

Edward Hahnenberg

World Forum on Theology and Liberation (WFTL)

Jaisy Joseph (Jan. 2021 - June 2024)

Rufus Burnett, Jr. (Jan. 2021 - June 2024)

WFTL Representatives Position Description

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