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The John Courtney Murray Award

At the CTSA's annual convention, the Society honors one of its members for a lifetime of distinguished theological achievement through the conferral of the John Courtney Murray Award, named for one of its early Board members who was a major theologian in the American Catholic Church.  Nominations can be made by CTSA members each fall for the award to be given at the next convention.

M. Shawn Copeland

2018 John Courtney Murray Awardee

  • Award Text for 2018: M. Shawn Copeland (pdf file)

  • Award Text for 2017: Francis X. Clooney, S.J. (pdf file)

  • Award Text for 2016: Orlando O. Espin (pdf file)

  • Award Text for 2015: Joseph A. Komonchak (pdf file)

  • Award Text for 2014: John Pawlikowski (pdf file)

  • Award Text for 2013: Anne E. Patrick (pdf file)

  • Award Text for 2012: Terrence W. Tilley (pdf file)

  • Award Text for 2011: James A. Coriden (pdf file)

  • Award Text for 2010: Peter C. Phan (pdf file)

  • Award Text for 2009: David B. Burrell, C.S.C. (pdf file)

  • List of Recipients of the John Courtney Murray Award for Theology (pdf file)

  • List of Recipients of the Cardinal Spellman Award for Theology (pdf file)

Catherine Mowry LaCugna Award

The Catholic Theological Society of America grants the Catherine Mowry LaCugna Award to new scholars for the best academic essay in the field of theology within the Roman Catholic tradition.

Elizabeth Antus

2018 Catherine Mowry LaCugna Awardee

  • Award for 2018: Elizabeth Antus
    Essay Title: "Was it Good for You"

  • Award for 2017: Judith Gruber
    Essay Title: "Revealing Subversions: Theology as Critical Theory"

  • Award for 2016: Benjamin Maurice Durheim and David Turnbloom
    Essay Title: "Tactical Ecumenism" 

  • Award for 2015: Nichole Marie Flores
    Essay Title: "Beyond Consumptive Solidarity: An Aesthetic Response to Modern Day Slavery"

  • Award for 2014: Michael Peppard
    Essay Title: "Paul Would Be Proud: The New Testament and Jewish-Gentile Respect"

  • Award for 2013: Christiana Z. Peppard
    Essay Title: "Fresh Water and Catholic Social Teaching"

  • Award for 2012: Anna Harrison
    Essay Title: "'Jesus Wept': Mourning as Imitation of Christ in Bernard's Sermon Twenty-Six
    on the Song of Songs"

  • Award for 2011: Kimberly Baker
    Essay Title: "Augustine's Doctrine of the Totus Christus: Reflecting on the Church as Sacrament of Unity"

  • Award for 2010: Steven Bullivant 
    Essay Title: "Sine culpa? Vatican II and inculpable ignorance"

  • Award for 2009: Christopher Pramuk 
    Essay Title: "Apocalypticism in a Catholic Key, Lessons from Thomas Merton"

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