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This page provides links to the CTSA membership's new publications.  

To submit an announcement for posting to the Member's New Publications board, please email the book information and provide a URL address for the book to CTSA Executive Director.

Note:  Books listed must be newly published and available for purchase.

CTSA Members New Publications

May 2019

Pramuk, Christopher, The Artist Alive: Explorations in Music, Art & Theology (Anselm Academic, May 1, 2019).

March 2019

Brazal, Agnes, A Theology of Southeast Asia (Orbis Books, Mar. 2019).

February 2019

Curran, Charles E., Diverse Voices in Modern U.S. Moral Theology (Georgetown University Press, Feb. 2019).

Doyle, Dennis M., The Catholic Church in a Changing World (Anselm Academic, Feb. 2019).

Feldmeier, Peter, Experiments in Buddhist-Christian Encounter (Orbis Books, Feb. 2019).

Fritz, Peter Joseph. Freedom Made Manifest: Rahner's Fundamental Option and Theological Aesthetics (Catholic University of America Press, Feb. 2019).

   January 2019


Lysaught, M. Therese and Michael McCarthy, eds., Catholic Bioethics and Social Justice:  The Praxis of U.S. Health Care in a Globalized World (Liturgical Press, Jan. 15, 2019).

November 2018

Bevans, Stephen and Robin Ryan, eds. Priesthood in Religious Life: Searching for New Ways Forward (Liturgical Press, Nov. 15, 2018).

Okey, Stephen. Forward by David Tracy. A Theology of Conversation (Liturgical Press, Nov. 15, 2018).

Phan, Peter C. (and Dale T. Irvin), eds. Christian Mission, Contextual Theology, Prophetic Dialogue: Essays in Honor of Stephen B. Bevans, SVD. (Orbis Books, Nov. 2018).

October 2018

Lassalle-Klein, Robert, ed. Jon Sobrino: Essential Writings (Orbis Books, Oct. 2018).

Zenner, Christiana, Just Water: Theology, Ethics, and Fresh Water Crises, rev. ed. (Orbis Books, Oct. 2018).

September 2018

Ahern, Kevin. God's Quad: Small Faith Communities on Campus and Beyond (Orbis Press, Sept. 2018).

Flanagan, Brian P. Stumbling in Holiness: Sin and Sanctity in the Church (Liturgical Press, Sept. 2018).

Kidd, Erin and Jakob Karl Rinderknecht, eds.,  Putting God on the Map: Theology and Conceptual Mapping (Lexington Books / Fortress Academic. Sept 15, 2018), CTSA contributors: Katheryn Lilla Cox; Julia Feder; Christopher Hadley, S.J.; Robert Masson; and Jakob Karl Rinderknecht.

Lawler, Michael G. and Todd Salzman. Virtue & Theological Ethics: Toward a Renewed Ethical Method (Orbis Books, Sept. 2018).

Markey, John. Christ and the Spirit: Catholic Perspectives through the Ages (Anselm Academic, Sept. 2018).

Markey, John.  Making Sense of Mystery: A Primer on Theological Thinking (Anselm Academic, Sept. 2018).

August 2018

George-Tvrtkovic, Rita. Christians, Muslims, and Mary: A History (Paulist Press, Aug. 2018).

Gomez, Cristina Lledo, The Church as Woman and Mother (New Jersey: Paulist Press, 2018).

Irwin, Kevin W. Context and Text: A Method for Liturgical Theology (Liturgical Press, Aug. 2018).

Phan, Peter C. Asian Christianities: History, Theology, Practice (Orbis Books, Aug. 2018).

Procario-Foley, Elena and Robert A. Cathey (editors). Righting Relations After the Holocaust and Vatican II: Essays in Honor of John Pawlikowski, OSM (Paulist Press, Aug. 2018)

Senior, CP, Donald. Raymond E. Brown and the Catholic Biblical Renewal (Aug. 2018).

July 2018

Keenan, S.J., James F. and Grant Gallicho (editors). Amoris Laetitia: A New Momentum for Moral Formation and Pastoral Practice (Paulist Press, July 2018).

McGowan, Anne and Paul Bradshaw. The Pilgrimage of Egeria (Liturgical Press, July 2018).

Witherup, P.S.S., Ronald D. Mercy and Bible (Paulist Press, July 2018).

June 2018

Hefelfinger, Scott G. (translator), A Gift of Presence: The Theology and Poetry of the Eucharist in Thomas Aquinas by Jan-Heiner Tuck (The Catholic University of America Press, June 4, 2018).

May 2018

Cwiekowski, PSS, Frederick J.  The Church: Theology in History (Liturgical Press, May 23, 2018).

Eaton, Matthew, et al., Encountering Earth: Thinking Theologically with a More-Than-Human (Wipf and Stock, May 2018). 

Godzieba, Anthony J.  A Theology of the Presence and Absence of God (Liturgical Press, May 29, 2018).

Orobator, S.J., Agbonkhianmeghe E.  Religion and Faith in Africa: Confessions of an Animist, Duffy Lectures in Global Christianity (Orbis Books, May 2018).

Millies, Steven P.  Good Intentions: A History of Catholic Voters’ Road from Roe to Trump (Liturgical Press, May 23, 2018).

April 2018

Imperatori-Lee, Natalia.  Cuéntame: Narrative in the Ecclesial Present (Orbis, April 2018).

February 2018

Adams-Eilers, 'That We May Sow Beauty': Reading Jewish, Christian, and Muslim Classics for Interreligious Dialogue about the Environmental Crisis. In Nature and Environment in Contemporary Religious Contexts, eds. Muhammad Shafiq and Thomas Donlin-smith, 291-309. Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Feb. 2018.

Dadosky, John D.,  et al., Image to Insight: The Art of William Hart McNichols (University of New Mexico Press, Feb. 2018).

Johnson, Elizabeth A. Creation and the Cross: The Mercy of God for a Planet in Peril (Orbis, Feb. 2018).

January 2018

Gaillardetz, Richard R. By What Authority? Foundations for Understanding Authority in the Church (Liturgical Press, Jan. 2018).

December 2018

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