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Submission Guidelines for Conveners


The Catholic Theological Society of America (CTSA) publishes reports on all the sessions held at the annual convention in the Proceedings of the Catholic Theological Society of America. The honor and responsibility is yours, as Convener of a Session, Interest Group, or Consultation, to author a report on the session (or to delegate this responsibility). As Editor of the Proceedings, I invite you to read the guidelines below and submit your report according to the style, format, method, and timeline described therein.


1. Limit report to 3 double-spaced pages using 12-point font and one-inch margin on all sides of a letter-size page. A long report would be 700 words. A helpful guide might be to aim for the length of a book review for a scholarly journal.

2. In general, consult the most recent volume of the Proceedings as a model for format and content.

3. Specific directions:

a. Session Type: At the top of the first page, center aligned, IN UPPER CASE, please type the NAME of the session or group and its identity as topic session, selected session, etc.

b. Session Topic: Aligned left, identify the specific topic addressed in the group session, as it appears in the Convention Program.

c. Session Participants: Single-spaced, aligned left, identify the convener, moderator, presenter(s), respondent(s), et al., as in Convention Program. After each heading (e.g., Topic: ), tab in to 1 inch.

d. The title of each presenter’s contribution should only appear in the body of your session report.

e. Headers and Footers: Leave these blank.

f. Page numbers: Do not include page numbers.

g. Author’s name: Aligned right, at the bottom of the last page, IN SMALL CAPS, please type your name. Beneath your name type in italics your institutional affiliation, city, and state/province. Single spaced.

h. Spacing: Single space all lines in the body of the report. Other sections, list of participants, and author’s information at the end should be single-spaced. Although I mentioned double-spacing above, that was to give you a sense for length. The file you submit should be single spaced.

i. Font: Use Times New Roman.

j. Indentation: Indent each new paragraph .25 in.

k. Alignment: the body should be “justified” alignment. (Shortcut = Ctrl+J)


1. You are welcome to request that presenters submit their papers (or summaries of the papers) before the Convention so that you can write the majority of the report before the Convention, leaving only the question-and-answer section for writeup. However, this is by no means expectation, especially if people are still finishing their papers as their academic semester or quarter comes to a close.

2. Preferred method of manuscript submission is electronic. Please attach the file to an email sent to the Proceedings Editor, Kevin Brown ( Please make the subject heading “CTSA Proceedings.”

3. Please include the following in the body of the email when you submit your manuscript:

a. Your Name.

b. Institutional affiliation and mailing address.

c. Primary telephone number.

d. Primary and secondary email address (if any).

e. Title of your Proceedings contribution.

4. Submit the manuscript as a .doc/.docx (Microsoft Office) or .odt (Open Office) file.

5. DUE DATE: All submissions must be received by June 25th to guarantee their inclusion in the Proceedings.

6. Authors will have the opportunity to review and comment on electronic proofs of their edited manuscript before publication.


B. Kevin Brown Proceedings Editor, CTSA
Gonzaga University AD Box 57
502 E. Boon Ave.
Spokane, WA 99223
Phone: (509) 313-6895

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